Lowsuds Extractor Shampoo

Lowsuds Extractor Shampoo

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Cleans carpets and upholstery in car and truck interiors Remove tough dirt from your vehicle’s interior carpets and upholstery with our Extractor Shampoo. This liquid shampoo is made in the USA and contains solvent, surfactants, alkaline builders, and chelating agents. This low-foaming shampoo is safe for use with carpet extractors and won’t leave a powdery residue behind that can re-soil your rug. Great for removing grease and oil spots on carpets and upholstery, Extractor Shampoo is also effective at cleaning hard surfaces. This shampoo has a pleasant Bubble Gum scent that doubles to mask odors. If you’re trying to remove a stubborn odor from your car, try using our Odor Neutralizer after the rug or carpet has been shampooed.


-Bubble Gum scent

-Can be used with various carpet extractors

-Made in the USA