Rupes Bigfoot LK 900e

Rupes Bigfoot LK 900e

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Rupes Bigfoot LK 900e Mille - Standard Kit

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Gear drive dual action polisher

Technical information:
Backing plate – includes two: 125 mm (5 inches) and 150 mm (6 inches)
Orbit (throw) – 5mm
Power – 900 Watts
RPM – 265-535
Weight – 6.17 lbs.
Cord length – 29 ft.

RUPES BigFoot LK 900E Mille Gear Driven Polisher features:

•Clockwise rotation – increases control the user has during use. Will reduce lateral movement that can impair paint correction.

•Gear driven, forced rotation – provides increased cutting power while remaining safe on your paint. Will keep your pad in a more consistent pattern and will not stop, regardless of amount of pressure being applied.

•Variable speed control – allows more control than a traditional “on-off” switch. Click positioning technology tells you when your tool is on the selected speed and keeps it there.

•Progressive accelerator trigger – provides additional control while in use.

•Ergonomically comfortable – button and switch positioning are in good placement and are comfortable for users. Reduces strain on grip.

•Reduced vibrations – prevents the user from experiencing fatigue while in use. 

•Soft start – slowly increases the speed of the machine and reduces slinging polish and unanticipated power.

•Includes two backing plates – 125 mm (5 inches) and 150 mm (6 inches)

•Rubber tool rests – allows you to place the tool face up without damage to tool.

The RUPES BigFoot LK 900E Mille Gear Driven Polisher, due to its very nature, has increased torque output and heat generation – so RUPES planned accordingly!